“I have been lucky enough to have Barbara do my taxes / finances for more then  10 years now and have always been impressed with the service.  She is also  the only one who has been able to assist me with my Cryptocurrency investments years before  any others even knew what I was talking about.  As the years have gone by faster and faster we always take time even thought she is busy ( especially during tax season!!)  to catch up with life events and I get to bore her with my stories and travel and investing.  I Highly recommend her services and happy that her new office is so much closer to where I live!”

– Martin

“I just recently used Barbara to help me with a nightmare tax problem that dated back to 20 years. She told me exactly how it would play out and all of the deadlines that she gave me we’re all met. I was always able to reach her. She always returned calls. Not to mention, she is a super sweet person. I would recommend her to anyone. She also gave me a great rate.”

– Jim

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